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With Agricola, you enjoy products of the highest quality.

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Grilled Agricola Chicken Breast Skewers

Cooking time:10 minutes Difficulty:easy
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About Agricola Products

In Romanian culture, cooking for others means more than food – it is a form of manifestation of affection, generosity and our proverbial hospitality. And when the family gathers around a table full of delicious food, it is a moment of peace, joy and an opportunity for communication.

For over 50 years, Agricola has been part of Romanian families and is present with them at the table. We currently offer a wide variety of cooked or to be cooked products: poultry, raw dried meats and cooked smoked sausages, ready meals and eggs.

We believe in warmth, patience and closeness between people as a social bond and generator of a state of well-being. Everything we do at Agricola, from production to delivery, is done carefully and with good thoughts towards our consumers. That's how we see the food that we all put our soul into.

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At AGRICOLA we emphasize responsibility and quality, respecting the highest quality standards.

Imagine premii: Monde Selection 2019,2022,2023 - gold medal

Monde Selection 2019,2022,2023 - gold medal

Imagine premii: Itqi Bruxelles 2019, 2022 - 2 stars

Itqi Bruxelles 2019, 2022 - 2 stars

Imagine premii: Supplier of the Royal House of Romania

Supplier of the Royal House of Romania

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Mission, Vision, Values

Our organizational culture springs from the values we believe in, that we value, in the spirit of which we live and act every day in the relationship with our employees, partners and consumers of our products.

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Social Responsability

At AGRICOLA we always emphasize safety and health. Discover our projects for a better world!

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